Income and Real Estate Tax

Over the years, our tax experts has obtained a unique expertise in all areas of taxes and we have a significant experience and reputation in the field of taxes from which our clients benefit in the form of consultation and guidance for tax preparations and aspect for business transactions and activities, property activities of all kinds in Israel and overseas, including, acquisitions, change of structure, sale of rights, joint ventures, real estate project and various monetary investments.

We provide consultation and professional opinions, guidance and handling matters at the administrative level, including letters and objections regarding tax rulings in the different tax areas, and ending in guidance and representation in the different instances, which include::

  • Individual taxes

  • Corporate taxes

  • Real estate taxes

  • Value added taxes

  • Tax approvals (Pre-Ruling and Rulings)

  • Representation in assessment proceedings and/or tax appeals on tax assessments.

  • Voluntary disclosure

  • Taxation of NGO’s and non – profit organizations

  • Purchase tax

  • International tax 

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