(Representing and Managing Disputes and resolutions in Legal Instances)

All of our attorneys have experience and expertise in representing both corporate and individual and appearing in all instances (courts) in Israel, including different legal tribunals, arbitrations and mediation. The office handles cases that are broad and significant in the civil –commercial arena, on the followings:

All types of commercial litigation, including in the fields of contracts, corporations, professional liability for companies and service providers, proprietary obligations, shareholder disputes and control struggles and the liability of corporate office holders.

  • Claims dealing with proprietary disputes and clarifying proprietary rights, claims originating in contractual relationships in land, including monetary claims, design and construction, eviction and expulsion claims and claims to dismantle partnership in land ownership.

  • Contractual monetary claims, enforcing obligations and collection processes.

  • Administrative appeals.

  • All types of temporary measures of relief.

  • Bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings, including adopting legal measures for office holder offenses upon the liquidation of a company.

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